Our Story

Everyone has once started small – so are we. There is neither a great organization nor a generous investor behind our concept. We do all by ourselves and try to achieve great on our own, as we put our heart and soul behind all of this. 
It all started with the initial crazy idea about “where do I know from that this sweet girl in the supermarket might like women as well so that I am not totally making a fool of myself when I start talking to her?”, which then quickly turned into the concrete idea of “the community needs something for everyday life, beyond CSD and co.” It must state something, must be authentic, but should still be reluctant enough to wear it for all kinds of occasions. 
The association of the clichéd “Rainbow Flag” being linked to the LGBTQ+ Community however is not supposed to be broken at all, as everyone knows its meaning right away already. 

The slogan was found quickly: “bring the flag to everyday life”. Following this there were slogans such as “show who you really are” and other wild ones. No matter how big the imaginary world got, the fundamental idea stayed permanently in our heads. 
We got to make the LGBTQ+ community lastingly more present to the world and bring forward its image and appearance. Let’s show the “Flag” and turn FLAG to the brand for the LGBTQ+ community!

And if we dare to crack up completely, then let’s establish FLAG worldwide!

Our Message

Our message is super clear! We are human, we are all the way we are, and this is perfectly fine like that. The diversity of humanity makes life brighter and more colorful. Be tolerant and turn LGBTQ+ to something totally natural and normal. Convince also the last person for whom it is not normal at all, that humans are different. Let’s show the Flag, against discrimination and social exclusion. Let’s show all haters that being human means to accept diversity. 

Wear FLAG and witness in daily life that you are not alone. Realize right away if the cute girl or the hot boy in the supermarket is part of the LGBTQ+ community and start sharing smiles with each other without any false shame. Be a human and give each other a good feeling, because we are diversity! We are more than the CSD or occasional gay parties. 

We are exactly the way how each one of us sees oneself, and the way we are is absolutely wonderful!

The Logo / The Name

The logo is a modified version of the mathematical sign for “almost all is equal” and this is exactly how it is with us. Seeing the core, we are all equal, we are all born as humans, but in life everyone is for themselves somehow different and fills the core with his- or her individual skills and competencies, as well as needs and the own way of living. 

It is random and still terrific, that there is a similarity to a Flag. In connection to the Rainbow Flag as the worldwide sign for the LGBTQ+ community, the name FLAG developed in our minds. The name is to be authentic and real with a touch of international flair. 
The logo stands for strength, as each and every one of us has an own story to tell, which most likely has not always been easy and a lot of times still isn’t. 

We are convinced that we were able to do just that – creating a brand with a logo representing strength and an authentic name behind it!

Become part of the Team!

You want to support us with your skills and knowledge?
You have an idea for an outfit or a logo alternative/model?
You are influencer or very active in social media?
…then dare to contact us via the contact form or via Instagram under your_flag_ !
We can’t wait for your message.